September 19th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!

I'm back! =)

I had such a fun time with my family visiting! We did so much!

Let me see.... after Amber & Chris went home on Tuesday, Kachina & baby Theodore stayed on until they went home early this morning. The four of us stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort - (you can see all about it HERE - check out the virutal tour at the lower right hand corner - they have an awesome pool built around a Mayan style pyramid with a waterfall - so pretty). I know it's silly to take a vacation at a resort that's only five miles away from here, but I don't care =P

We went to the Animal Kingdom, and then later to the Animal Kingdom Lodge to eat at Boma, which is one of our favourite restaurants - an African buffet where most of the choices are vegetarian (yum!).

and yesterday we went to Disney-MGM Studios and booked the "Fantasmic Dinner Package" where we got a five course meal at Mama Melrose's (their Vegetarian Napoleon dish was amazing!) and then got the preferred seating at Disney's "Fantasmic" show, which was very impressive as well.

We packed in a lot of fun over the past week (I also got a lot of work done too, miraculously enough!). I've been sick with an awful cold/flu thingy for most of it, but I think I'm feeling a lot better today.

Now our house is empty. =( I miss everybody - I got so used to little Theodore crawling around being such a cutie. =(

Now I've got an unprecedentedly enormous stack of orders and emails and commissions to get too, hehe. I tried to keep up here at LiveJournal, but kept falling behind - I hope all is well! I hope that Carrie gets her power back on soon!!

I'll be working all day on two custom painting commissions, possibly a new original painting, and a TON of canvas print orders I need to get filled, and maybe some new canvas prints as well.

Oh yes! I've got several of my new line of metal embossed keychains (featuring the "Cheshire Cat"!) in stock - here's a preview behind this link: Collapse )
I'll let you all know as soon as they're up for sale =)

Okay - off to work! You can peek in on me HERE throughout the day.
Marie Masquerade

New Canvas Prints!!

Whew! I answered SO MANY emails today (and still have lots to go!!!). In addition I finished a custom painting, and I did find time to list some of my NEW limited edition hand-embellished canvas prints!

Since these are the first of each edition, numbered #01/25 I am going to auction them starting at one penny, with no reserve and no "Buy-It-Now" since I know a lot of collectors like owning the first of each edition, and I want to make sure everybody has the opportunity to bid =)

You can see "Murder Most Foul" HERE!

You can see "Allura" HERE!

You can see "Fairy in My Window" HERE!

and you can see "Pumpkin Pixie" HERE!

....back to work!