September 5th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!!!

Just checking in!!!!

Everything is holding up pretty well - the hurricane isn't here yet, but will be pretty soon, allegedly. We're getting the edges of it right now and it's howling loudly outside, lots of rain, crazy wind, etc. I kept waking up last night - it got pretty loud.....

I'm sorry if I haven't been able to comment so much here at LJ or get to many emails yet, there is a lot going on here, hehe - it's a bit crazy.

I'm going to take care of a few important things first and then I'll probably be painting HERE as usual!
Marie Masquerade

Will it never stop????

Hurricane Frances is still howling away outside - it calms down now and again, and then starts right up....

But I'm safe & cozy inside =) We've so far maintained our electricity, cable, water, etc., thank goodness!! Thank you all for the kind words and positive vibes - must have helped!!!! >^___^<

I've even managed to finish a new painting - she's a real cutie!!!

You can see her here:

"Hazel Fairy"

Other than that though, we've pretty much been, um, hunkering down.....

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