September 4th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning! (so far....)

Good morning!!! I'm painting - you can watch me HERE!!!

Hurricane Frances isn't here yet - she's taking her own sweet time, they say now she isn't expected to make "landfall" (touch land) until late tonight, and that will be out on the beach, so probably not until tomorrow morning for around here. But just to be safe everybody is ordered to stay inside after 11:00 am. I'm tempted to go run around outside like a crazy person for this next hour, but I won't =P Matt taped plastic around our door (last time during Charley it got a little soggy), so I can't open it anyways =P

So we're going to have to stay inside for a day or two, which really isn't that unusual for me, hehe. I'll be painting, catching up on email & LJ if possible, and maybe playing some FFXI (heatherica, tell Brock thank you again!!!), and calming down my worried kitties! Right now the sun is shining, there is absolutely no wind or clouds, but I know that's just wicked, tricksy and false, so I won't fall for it.

Anyways - back to painting!
Marie Masquerade


We've had a few spots of windy rain, but now it seems very calm outside.....

The hurricane is veeerrrry sloooowly inching its way here.... at about 5 mph (I can WALK faster than that, lol). It'll probably be dark out before anything major starts. The sheriff cars have been going up and down the street telling people to go inside over the megaphone loudspeaker, hehe.

Those of you interested can check in from time to time on Celebration's Live Cam -

(you can actually see my old apartment there, hehe - I used to make Matt stand on the balcony and wave!). Just click on the picture to zoom and see an updated picture.

I'm getting antsy - I popped on to play some FFXI with Matt for a little while to ease the hurricane-boredom-tension. I might try to get some more work done but I'm feeling really listless and annoyed with the weather situation.

Ah well.