September 3rd, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!!!

It's a beautiful day outside - you'd never know that there is a hurricane coming!!

One thing that drives me nuts about hurricanes (small complaint) - the OVER-USE of the phrase "HUNKER DOWN" by the newscasters, public officials, meteorologists, etc. LOL! Every other sentence they say "just hunker down" or "you'd better hunker down" or "everybody needs to hunker down". And then the switch to the weatherman who gives great advice like "hunker down with your friends" or "those in mobile homes should go hunker down with family in stable houses". And then they go to Jeb Bush who tells us "it's time to hunker down". Seriously - I heard it something like 30 times in one broadcast, lol.

It also cracks me up to hear Governor Jeb Bush keep talking about how he "is in negotiations with the President of the United States to send in reinforcements" or "I have been discussing with the President of the United States about whether we should declare Florida a National Disaster Area", etc. I mean, that's his brother for chrissakes, hehe. They make it sound so formal.

Enough about that!!!!

Oh! tigerpixieart - the "Pixie Cats" painting I did of your furbabies is the #1 picture up at Artwanted - check it out - ArtWanted.comTop ten! Your kitties are famous, hehe!!!!

Let me see...... I'm working on some orders and email & stuff like that =P We got a huge shipment out to the post office this morning, since we won't be able to ship for a few days - they are closing later today, and will be closed tomorrow of course for the Hurricane, and then Sunday they are always closed, and Monday is Labor Day, and then depending on damage hopefully they will open up on Tuesday. They are telling us now that the hurricane is moving very slowly (not really losing strength, but actually physically travelling slowly), and it will probably get to the Celebration/Disney area at about 10:00am on Sunday. They are asking us to stay off of the streets starting at 11:00am tomorrow though, and to stay indoors until the hurricane leaves =P

Later on I will be painting!!! You'll be able to watch me HERE - I'll probably be working off and on.
Marie Masquerade


Hehe, Matt & I got a bit sidetracked - I know I'm supposed to be working, but since the storm is coming I wanted to go on a quick bike ride while it's still nice out, since I don't know when the next chance I'll be able to would be!

We went all over town - saw some alligators of course, hehe. I looked for the big one on the sandbar that I saw last time, but not only was he not visible, neither was the sandbar! The water is rising I guess. It's very high and still flooded in some areas from Charley, and they say we might get 20" or more of rain from Frances!! That's insane! We've got a curfew now too - 9pm =P I haven't had a 9pm curfew since, well, ever! Also it said on the news that they are suspending alcohol sales - what's that about? I'm glad we stocked up early =P

The animals are all acting weird outside - we saw a little armadillo eating ants out by the reserve in the middle of the day (usually I see them just at night). He was so cute and friendly! I even petted him for a little while and he didn't run away! %&@$ Again I forgot my camera - it was truly a Kodak moment, hehe.

Then we went to our little Downtown Celebration area and went to Sherlock's (a vegetarian British restaurant/teahouse) and had some tea and cake and savouries. They have vegetarian steaks there now - I'll have to try one next time. I was worried since it's under new management and I was afraid they'd ditch the vegetarian menu, but luckily the new people (also British - there are getting to be more British ex-pats here than natural citizens, hehe) said that they're keeping it all - yay!

Now I'm back and ready to paint some more - I'm not sure where this piece is going - I'm just painting randomly to see what turns up. You can watch me HERE.