September 1st, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good Morning!!!!

Busy busy day!!

I'm going through a bunch of orders, emails, etc. etc. etc.

Oh!!!! The EBSQ "Pet Swap Show" is up!!! You can see it here:

EBSQ Members can login and vote on your favourite! (You click on the picture and hit the "VOTE" button). There are a LOT of great pieces in the show - three pages worth - a big turnout. Of course, you can see tigerpixieart's painting of my kitties, and my painting of her kitties, hehe!

After I get my paperwork done, I'll be painting! I'll actually be working on a custom painting, live on camera =) I've got quite a bit of email/orderstuff to get through first, but when I'm through you'll be able to watch me HERE.

Please all of you cross your fingers that Hurricane Frances does NOT make it to land!!!! Florida (especially those out on the coasts) really needs a break from the storms right now.
Marie Masquerade

Artist Photos for Reference!!!

harmy just posted this - I thought I'd share it here. I get a LOT of new artists asking me where to get copyright-free photos for references, of models, for poses, etc. etc. etc. If you're not lucky enough to have friends who send you photos, or are sick of doing self-portraits, you might want to go here:

They have a wide variety of free pictures for you to base paintings on, use as photo references, etc. with no strings attached! Thousands of different people, animals (even cats, hehe!), flowers, plants, buildings, facial features, etc.

Thought that might be helpful!