August 14th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!

We're safe and sound!

If any of you were watching the news, you probably saw that Hurricane Charley decided to change course completely and make a bee-line right for Orlando. A hurricane like that hasn't come here like that since 1960 (Hurricane Donna), back before it was very populated here.

So we unplugged our computers and watched the meteorologists on TV show the hurricane come closer and closer. It went directly over us - with 100+mph winds, insane rain, etc. The hurricane made scary noises too, which was weird, and scary. We couldn't see what was going on outside since it was all black and water blowing around, but I looked at a streetlamp that just blew back and forth, and the trees blowing in front of it. The "eye" of the hurricane passed over us, and it slowed for awhile and started back up again. Eventually it moved up north, and after an hour or so we went out to look at our house & yard, and everything looked pretty good! The roof is fine, windows fine, etc. My Mexican Petunias and Hibiscus plants are laying down though, and don't seem to be doing so well =(

We're going out with foxmagic and cornrelish in a few minutes to see how the rest of Celebration looks.

The "aftermath" around here doesn't seem too bad - the themeparks are all open and running again. To be honest, after living in Kansas City, this wasn't near as bad as a big ice storm or something. Our power, water, cable, phone, etc. is all doing fine - never cut out for a minute. A lot of that is probably because all of our wires are underground here.

So if the weathermen are right and this kind of thing only happens in our area every 50 years, that's not too bad at all.

The coasts of Florida got it very bad though - I've been watching the news and it looks terrible =(

I'm so very thankful that we weren't hurt at all, or even really inconvenienced!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words! I wanted to post asap to let you guys know we're all right!!!!!

I'll probably be painting a little bit later - I'll post a link to my webcam =)
Marie Masquerade

I'm painting!

Wow - we went out and drove around looking at the damage - Brian took a bunch of photos, I'll link to them if he posts them!

None of the houses really seemed to suffer any damage - I didn't see any broken windows, etc. There were a few shingles lying around, but nothing major. The most obvious problem is the TREES knocked over, completly uprooted in some areas - blocking roads, etc. Craziness! It's a lot like after an ice storm (like back in Missouri), but warm and tropical instead of icy and awful, lol. Mostly newer trees were knocked over - they probably didn't have the roots yet to grab. A lot of the taller Royal palm trees are knocked over too - they might be able to set them upright though, we'll see. The whole place looks like a big jungle - leaves and Spanish Moss are everywhere!!!! We tried to go on our bike trails, but they were completely blocked with fallen trees. Hopefully they'll clear them off soon (although I'm sure that actual roads and yards and driveways take priority!). There were a LOT of people out cleaning up and carting away trees, thankfully.

I'm getting ready to paint! You'll be able to watch me HERE!
Marie Masquerade


Epilogue is still down.... I wonder if it has anything to do with the hurricane? Their headquarters are just down the street from me!!!!