June 29th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Last day...

...before I leave on my trip!

So much to do! I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff done. I've got a very cool little painting I'd like to have finished and up for sale before I leave, and I have some files I need to get ready for another possible publication. And then of course usual stuff - incredibly enormous amount of package to ship (we're taking the van, hehe) before I go, bank to stop at, last minute email catch-up, etc. And packing, etc. Meep!

I'll probably get some painting done this afternoon, so if you want to pop in and peek at me, I'll be HERE on my webcam periodically.
Marie Masquerade

New artwork! And some old artwork, lol!

I finished her! A fair pixie, with green and white hair, and spearmint candy-striped wings and stockings! She has kind of a sly, almost naughty expression on her face....here she is:

"Spearmint Sprite"

Lol, kind of continuing the minty theme of Peppermint Pretty. I'm also thinking of doing some "Tea" based faeries - since I'm such a tea nerd!

Unfortunately, two of my earlier auctions have ended with a non-paying bidder. Ugh. They were for my first edition "Gothling #6" and "A Valentine Scorned" canvas prints! But lucky for you - I've re-listed the items for a second chance!!!! Hopefully this time they will find happy homes. They are the first of each canvas print edition, numbered #01/25 - here they are:

"Gothling #6"

"A Valentine Scorned"

Okay - off to go cook some dinner!!!