June 28th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Work work work......

I'm a busy girl today - working and working on commissions, trying to get some things finished up before I leave town early Wednesday morning! Mostly I'll be doing sketches and Photoshopping stuff off-camera, but if I end up working on anything paint-wise I'll post the link to my webcam later =)
Marie Masquerade

Storm's a-brewin'.............

A storm is brewing up above - the temperature's dropped about 20 degrees and it's getting blustery and thundering.... exciting!!!!

Let me see... I worked on some sketches for a couple of commissioned portraits, finished painting yet another commissioned portrait, and now I'm ready to take a break from that and, um, paint.......

I'm working on an original I started a few days ago - it's a cute little thing, kind of along the lines of Peppermint Pretty, but more green. Maybe spearmint, lol.

You can watch me paint HERE!

Later on I'll be dyeing my hair, I'm getting those pesky blonde roots again =P

I need to work on some more Aesop's Fables paintings too - the deadline is coming up! I also want to do some more pirate art, and maybe a new piece in my Alice series. I'll probably bring a sketchbook along with me on my trip so I can jot things down and make doodles as they come. I also want to do some more realistic-type paintings and dig into the piles of photos I received from my Call For Models awhile back!

Okay, enough rambling - off to paint!