June 22nd, 2004

Marie Masquerade


So far it's been a pretty dull paperwork day today =P

I completed the copyright forms for my latest batch of artwork - now I've got that accomplished feeling that I always get when I know all of my current artwork is nice and registered!

I had licensed "Absinthe Afternoon" to be on an album cover, and had completely forgotten about that until I got the check in the mail today - woohoo!!!! >^___^<

Now I've got to burn some files, etc. for a new, top-secret, book project ;0) And a couple more for another project ;0)

And then onto some email answering/order processing.

We're about a mile away from the Post Office now, so it's a good long walk. It'a a very pretty trek though - I like it! I'm about ready to get a bike any day now (a present from my family!), so that will make it easier. Either way, it's good exercise.

Well - back to work =P The webcam may be off and on today since I'll be burning files!