June 13th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

We've moved!


We've purchased the house and moved everything in!!!! It's all a big crazy mess here though, lol, so it will take a little while before I get "back to normal".

I've got lots of photos of the new place, which I'm uploading now, and I even have a NEW PAINTING I did amidst the move. A little one on an oval basswood panel - I'll be posting her tonight =)

I just thought I'd check in to let you all know everything went smoothly! I'll update later with the photos and the new painting!!!
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Marie Masquerade

New painting!

We just came back from the Garden Cafe (the vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Orlando) - we took Kachina & James there in thanks for helping us move =)

Oh my - it's so crazy around here, hehe - the computers are on the floor, and there are boxes everywhere - aaaahhh!!!

At any rate, I have a new little painting!!!

You can see her here:

"Faery Wood #4"

I've got tons of photos of the house to post probably tomorrow or the next day (we're going to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow with James, Kachina and Theodore!). I've got to go now - there are a million things going on!!! I'll catch up later!!!