May 11th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good Morning!!!

My Aunt Lisa, cousin Ariel, Uncle Kevin, and Grandma all arrived safely yesterday!

We showed them all over Celebration, and went out to dinner at the Kona Cafe (up at Disney's Polynesian Resort) which was delicious!

Right now they all went off to Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure - I had too much work to do today (shipping, etc.) but I'm going to try to go out to the parks with them tomorrow =)

Today I need to run a bunch of errands, and try to get some painting in!!! I'll post with my webcam link when I start painting =)

Hope everybody is well!!!!
Marie Masquerade


Blah! Boring errands all morning =P Big lines at the Bank and the Posty both - ugh....

Thank you all who have submitted modelling photos!!!! I can't believe the wonderful response I got - I still have a million emails and files to look through, hehe, so if I haven't contacted you personally yet - don't worry I will soon!!! >^___^<

Right now I'm painting a new piece featuring a lovely model who sent me some photos the other day. She has a very unique look and is very pretty! It will have kind of a Snow/Ice fairy queen kind of vibe, with light colours (but still with gothic overtones). That doesn't sound like it makes sense, does it? Lol.

Anyways - you can watch me HERE!
Marie Masquerade

New Painting!!!!

I've finished a new painting! I love her!!! Here she is:

"Ice Fairy"

The model is named Celeste - she's one of the people who submitted photos into my open model call - she's very lovely!

I'm going to go tackle some email and get some things sorted out so I can go off to the themeparks tomorrow with my family members who are visiting =)

Have a great evening!!!