April 8th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!!!!!!!

Ah, beautiful day, as usual ::sighs dreamily::

I'm so excited!!!!!!! My sister Kachina and my little nephew Theodore, and my mother and her boyfriend are all coming to visit next week!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

I have SO much I need to do before then! I'm going to write it all down here so I won't forget:

*Finish two commissions
*Update website
*Update eBay store
*Send out more copyright stuff
*Send off paperwork and file to Spectrum
*Update Epilogue Gallery
*Update Elfwood Gallery
*Get email under control
*Buy a crib (for Theodore)
*Buy a stroller (for Theodore)
*Buy diapers (for Theodore - KACHINA - what type should I get?)
*Go to the bank
*Finish some new original paintings to sell on eBay
*Buy groceries
*Make dining reservations

So...... lots of shopping, painting and computer work!!!!!!

I am going to finish up the painting I'm working on now - "Strangeling's Secret Garden" - it is turning out so beautifully - I worked on it all day yesterday, morning until night. It's HUGE - one of the largest paintings I've done (other than commissions) - 24"x18"! I think it's probably one of my best and most ambitious paintings so far!! I will probably finish her today, and after that I'm going to force myself to get some computer stuff done so I don't end up trying to get it all done in one day and having a nervous breakdown, lol. I'll get to my email and stuff later tonight too =P

In the mean time - you can watch me work on "Strangeling's Secret Garden" HERE on my webcam!
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Marie Masquerade

Strangeling's Secret Garden

I finally finished her!!!! I love how she turned out - it's HUGE too (compared to most of my paintings) - 24"x18"!!!!!

You can cast your eyes on her here:"Strangeling's Secret Garden"

In addition I am running a BIG print sale!!! Lots of my new paintings are now available as prints - on sale! Only $10.00 for the 8"x10" size, and $20.00 for the 12"x16" size - here you go:

"Gothling 1"

"Gothling 2"

"Gothling 3"
"Aries" (8"x10")
"Aries (12"x16")
"Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" (8"x10")
"Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole" (12"x16")


Now, I'm off to fix dinner =)