March 21st, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!

I've just been doing rather mundane things this morning, not a lot happening.

We are getting ready to go to Sci-Fi City (which is a big nerd store in Orlando {meaning nerd in a good way - dungeons&dragons, figurines, gaming, fantasy, etc.}), which should be fun.

After that I'll be finishing my "Gothling #2" painting - she's coming along nicely - she'll be in colours red & black!

I finished working on three more of the hand embellished canvas prints - ("Absinthe Afternoon", "Little Faery Friends", and "Red Winged Fairy") - they all turned out beautifully! It's funny, some of them look even better than before, lol, since I can paint over little stray brush strokes that were in the originals, add the highlights a little stronger in some places, etc.

I'm off! I'll post my webcam link when I begin painting!
Marie Masquerade


We had fun at Sci-Fi City! BIG shop - lots of cool stuff!

Now I'm painting! Working on little Gothling #2 - you can watch me HERE

I will probably finish her tonight, and then I'll list her and my three new canvas prints up on eBay! Afterward I will tackle some email and other busy-work =P