March 19th, 2004

Marie Masquerade


That's all the work I'm going to get done tonight! Oh yes! I forgot to post this earlier in my LJ - I had made another morphing icon:

Tomorrow I'll get a brief break from working since I'm going to go check out the Winter Park Art Festival! That should be fun!

Then later on I'll be back here working =P

But for now, I'm going to go to bed to read & sleep. G'night!
Marie Masquerade

Good evening!

We had a wonderful time at the Winter Park Art Festival! Of course, being a fancy juried whatever type show, there wasn't much (or any) fantasy art, but there were a lot of nice things. It was a gorgeous day outside! We had fun looking at all of the artist's tents (and there were SO MANY there - it was a huge festival!), eating yummy food (we found vegetarian pitas, cookies, fruit smoothies, etc.), and walking around Winter Park.

Now I'm back home, ready to work! Boring administrative type stuff mostly, and I'll be burning CDs so my webcam will be going off and on (not that you'll miss much - I won't be painting, just typing and writing).

Okay, off to work.