March 18th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Boring Day!!!!!!!

Today is officially a BORING day!

I am going to do nothing but the boring business stuff, the "non-fun" part of being an artist. I sooo want to paint but I need to catch up on all of the other stuff I keep putting off. Today I will be working on:

*Answering Email
*Processing orders
*Organizing my new filing cabinet
*Sorting old business receipts
*Burning backup discs
*Burning files to send to the copyright office
*Filling out subsequent copyright forms
*Filling out health insurance forms
*Starting to update my eBay store with almost 50 prints
*Maybe working "Limited Edition" canvas prints in my eBaystore and website
*Updating my website with 25 new prints
*Maybe working my "Limited Edition" canvas prints into my website (very ambitious project, since I will #1 have to re-structure my payment buttons and page layouts, and #2 figure out how to sync the limited quantities with both my website and my eBaystore)

How fun? This is crazy, it will probably take at least a couple of days to get this all done. I'm going to work on it all day today, and then maybe spread the rest of it out a little over the next week or so - I don't want to go completely mad, after all.

So, today I won't get any painting done =P I might try to work on another new canvas print, but I probably won't have time to finish it (hehe, these don't take QUITE as much time to paint as an original, but a lot of work goes into each one!).

AND - since I'm going to be burning discs all day (which have to be made without any other memory-heavy applications running) my webcam will be temporarily down for the day. =P

Okay, off to work!
Marie Masquerade

Will it never end?

As usual, I have greatly underestimated the amount of time all of the business stuff, CD-burning, and paperwork crap would take, lol. I'm nowhere near done and have been working all day - ARGH!!!

I'll probably have to spend at least another day at this. Hmph. It's stuff I really have to do though, so there's no option and I'm not procrastinating any longer =P

It might be a little quiet here for the next day or two....