March 16th, 2004

Marie Masquerade


I was getting ready to go to the Post Office since I didn't get to yesterday, but now it is pouring rain! And of course, I walk, lol, so I might wait and see if the rain might calm down a little. There's no way I could carry all of those packages AND an umbrella!!! I've been thinking about just going to the Post Office twice a week, instead almost every day like I do now. With the amount of stuff I send out it's just getting too crazy! I'll pick two days and make them "shipping days". That would probably be easier because it could be even more of an "assembly line" type thing, which would go faster and more efficiently. Well, we'll see.

I'm not sure what I'll paint today - I might do some more of my "fairytale" series. There are a lot of scenes from fairytales that I'd like to paint. More Snow White maybe - I'd like to paint the evil witch too, maybe giving her the apple. Or maybe even show her with the Seven Dwarfs, hehe. I keep watching the door, hoping that I'll get my shipment from today! I ordered a big roll of canvas, among other things, and I want to do a very tall skinny painting of Rapunzel letting down her hair, lol! I just checked the tracking and it looks like my package is in Orlando now, so hopefully it will arrive soon!!!

I have a couple of things to do first, but then you'll be able to watch me HERE while I work!

Oooh! The delivery guy is here - must be my MisterArt shipment!!
Marie Masquerade


Big news!

I just finished my first "hand embellished print on canvas giclee"!

I was waiting for my shipment (which arrived!) because I had ordered a heat-fast UV Giclee Gloss, and it worked like a dream!

So basically, I going to start offering these in a very limited edition (editions of 25, of only selected paintings) format. Basically it is a print on a sheet of real artist's canvas (Fredrix, the same brand I paint my originals on), which I have then gone and hand-painted over a lot of the details, highights, etc. in acrylic paint (including a signature, date and edition number), and then have hand painted a UV Giclee Protectant (to protect, and prevent fading!), baked in the oven to heat-set it, and voila!

I cannot express how MUCH these look like original paintings! It is truly the next best thing!! Looking at it myself, as the artist, I seriously can't even tell the difference. Since I've hand painted over a lot of the details, and then hand painted the varnish/protectant you can even see the individual brushstrokes - it's amazing!

I've started off with Silvery Mermaid. She will be offered in this format in the 11"x14" size, and I am looking at her now and she is GORGEOUS! Each piece of course is one of a kind, since I've hand embellished the eyes, scales, hair, etc. with acrylic paints. I am going to put the first print of her up on eBay tonight, starting at a penny, just like an original!

Later on when I have time I will set up the other editions of her and other paintings I'll choose to offer in this format, put them in my eBay store, website, etc. etc. I just can't believe how much this looks and feels like an original painting - I am so impressed!!! This would totally be a wonderful option for somebody who can't afford an original, or who missed out bidding on the original painting. Hehe, I'm so excited ;)

In other news - I'm starting on my new "Rapunzel" painting - I think I will call her "Rapunzel in the Tower". It is going to be a looong painting - 12"x24"!!! Very tall, showing her hair tumbling down out of the window! You can watch me HERE!
Marie Masquerade

New Auction!

Ah, it doesn't look like I'll be finished with Rapunzel in time to list her tonight (I'm already getting caught up in the details - I don't want to rush her). So in the meantime I have listed my Limited Edition Hand-Accented Signed and Numbered Print on Canvas of....................

"Silvery Mermaid"

Since this is an introductory auction for a new product, I'm starting her at just one penny with no reserve. For the record, this is print #01 of 25. In the near future I'll have the other prints in that edition, and of several other favourite paintings of mine available on my website and in my eBay store ;)

Now, off to make some dinner!