February 27th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!

Aaahh! Crazy day - we need to clean up the old apartment, and we still need to move a couple pieces of furniture. Probably tomorrow we'll get around to re-painting the walls and stuff.

I did a little more layout work on Rude Faeries (that's the one my webcam is pointed out now), but I probably won't get to start painting on it until later today, since we still have to focus on moving out of the old apartment and other tedious things like that.

Somehow my email has piled up chock-full again, hmph. Probably late tonight I'll attack that as well.

Gee, today's going to be fun.....

When I do get to paint today I will post here with the webcam link!!!
Marie Masquerade


Aaah! I worked so hard today. Carrying furniture, etc. etc. etc. Manual labour really isn't my thing.....

I'm going to reward myself with at least a LITTLE bit of painting tonight, you can watch me here, assuming you are still awake. I'm going to go nuts if I don't paint at least a little; I'm very excited to work on my Rude Faeries!

Tomorrow we need to re-paint the walls at our old apartment (yes, hehe, the ones we just painted a few weeks before we decided to move, hmph) back to their standard-issue white. How fun.