February 25th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Ahhhh.... random ramblings....

I answered about 150 emails tonight. Actual emails too (not spam or LJ). I am soooo proud! I just kept telling myself each time I finished 25 I could get another glass of wine.... Lol, do the math ;) I'm not the type of person who gets tipsy easily though, but I do feel more relaxed. I've only got 50 emails left which is wonderful! I'll leave those for tomorrow. I've strained my eyes so badly in the past two days I had to wear my glasses today since my contact lenses were hurting my eyes - aaaghh! (Anybody who knows me should know that's pretty bad, since I HATE wearing glasses....).

I also finished a commission today! I'm very happy with how it turned out, and I've just sent the scan to the client for approval. After I finish up Laura's commission tomorrow I'll be primed and ready for a whole new string of totally original paintings!!!

I'm still debating on what to work on next - I have a lot of ideas.... Too many ideas sometimes. I can't close my eyes at night without seeing potential paintings. I can see a long line of them stretching almost infinitely into the horizon....

I really don't know how everybody else paints, but MOST of the time basically I just kind of scroll through my head - I can already see them, almost down to every detail, and I just select one to put onto canvas first. When I actually paint, it's kind of like going on "autopilot". I think that the "creative" part is actually thinking of them in my mind - which I generally consciously do, when I'm walking outside, trying to fall asleep, or even working on other paintings. I think that is part of the reason so many of my paintings are self portraits - when I design the paintings I often like to put myself in there, trying to make my life a little MORE magical.

The actual painting part sometimes seems mechanical, and I feel kind of detached from my hands, but very euphoric.

Other times though, I don't have a clue, and I just start slapping paint down. Sometimes these turn out being some of my best pieces, but sometimes they scare me because I don't know where they came from. Like Lynda, that girl who channels the painter in that Lois Duncan book "Down a Dark Hall" (lol, I don't know how many people here know that one....). Hmmmm....

Okay, I'm going to bed. Matt's snoring on the couch. I'm going to go read and imagine new paintings......
Marie Masquerade


Hi everybody!! Thank you all for your insights on your own creative methods - I find it all fascinating!!! >^_^<

Speaking of painting.....

You can watch me HERE!

Right now I'm polishing up wobblesnorts's commission, and after that.... who can say? ;)
Marie Masquerade


I finished Laura's commission, and sent it off to her for approval!

Now I've started THREE original pieces, lol. I'm just starting off with the backgrounds - I don't know which one I will do first.

So far the plans are a 12"x16" piece, maybe New Orleans themed, I might even stick Anne Rice's house in there, since I really want to buy it, lol, but obviously can't yet afford it =P

Then, I have a 12"x16" piece ready to be turned into the NEXT "Mother Nature" painting - this one will be "Mother Nature: Bringer of Death" - kind of the flip-side of my "Mother Nature: Abundance of Life" painting. I'd like to show both the positive and negative aspects of Nature. I might offer them together as a print set (maybe like framed next to eachother, when we get the frameshop set up....).

Then, I have a HUGE (for me, hehe) painting I'm just figuring out how to setup - it's going to be 24"x18" (that will be tied for the largest piece I've ever offered on eBay!) that will be called "Rude Faeries" or "Mean Faeries" or something like that. I've got lots of reference photos of myself sticking out my tongue and making rude gestures and stuff, lol. I'm going to put a bunch of them in there being generally obnoxious. Ought to be pretty cute ;)

So, if you are watching my webcam you may see me working on any and all of these, switching back and forth while they dry!!!
Marie Masquerade

Food!!! And, a new painting!!!!

We went to Costco and to SuperTarget and bought a phenomenal amount of food! We were nearly empty here since the move, and we have a HUGE new pantry, so we just stocked up on EVERYTHING! We just got back, and now I'm starving (we shopped hungry, lol). I have no idea where to even start with dinner - we have so much food now!!!

Well, not quite a new painting, but it's wobblesnorts's commission - you can see it below the cut here:

Collapse )

Oh yes! I'll probably get back to painting later tonight - right now on the camera I have the new scary Mother Nature painting, hehe. It's going to kind of be a mockery of the first one - with spoiled fruit as opposed to the fresh fruit in the first one, and a bird's skeleton instead of a nest and bird, and dead flowers, maggots/worms instead of butterflies, et. etc. etc. ;)