February 24th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Boring post!!!

Not a lot interesting to say today. Matt came home early, and we've been moving things half-heartedly today from our old apartment. Now, though, we're under a severe thunderstorm warning, so I think I'm going to settle in and work!!!!!

I have a phenomenal amount of emails, which I will try to get to soon. Right now though I am going to be working on a PRIVATE commission, so I will not be working on the webcam =P Hopefully I will finish today and move on to some more painting!!!

Tonight I probably won't have a new painting to put up (since I'm doing commissioned work right now) but I am planning to have a print sale!!!!!! I think that I will be offering "Faery Folk Alliance", "Fairy Dwelling #1: UnderHill", and of special interest to you LJ friends - "Redheaded Fairy" (Kayti!) and "Delphine" (Delphine!). The big prints will be on sale for $20.00 and the small prints will be on sale for $10.00 >^_^< These are all some of the best paintings I've ever done, if I do say so myself!!

Okay - I'm off to work! The webcam will be pointing away, so as not to broadcast the private portrait ;)