February 23rd, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Back to work!!!

At least for while Matt's gone at the office =) When he gets home tonight we'll probably slip back into "moving" mode, hehe.

Unfortuantely, there are a few things I need that are at our old apartment, and I can't find my keys (I have the sneaking suspicion that they are IN old, locked apartment, hehe) that I can't get to until Matt gets home tonight =P All of my paintings are still over there - including two unfinished commissions I was wanting to work on today =P

I do have a few small pieces of canvas here though, and one from a looong time ago that I painted all grey and then shoved into a notebook, lol - I'll probably resurrect that and turn it into something cool, so I'll just busy myself with making a small original painting for now!!!

Cool - Astrocenter.com sent me my horoscope today:
Today's planetary energies
Dreams, visions, or psychic insights might point the way towards new ways of increasing your income, JASMINE. Your unconscious mind is especially active right now, and is processing information even when you aren't aware of it. Therefore, don't be too shocked, even if what comes up seems rather unconventional. Tip: make sure of your insights by consulting with others who might know something valuable. That way you'll feel more secure.

Sounds very promising! Matt and I were brainstorming late last night lots of new artistic ideas and marketing plans for my artwork! Particularly with our spare room ready to set up Matt to be my custom matter and framer... big things on the horizon.....

So at any rate - you can watch me paint HERE!!!

It might take me a moment to get set up - all of my paints are in boxes - eek! o_O I did get through a BUNCH of emails last night - just have about 100 left, which for me is not bad!
Marie Masquerade


I need to re-start my computer real quick, so the webcam is going down for a moment! Be right back!
Marie Masquerade

New Painting!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody!!!!!!

I just finished up a new painting! It was on that grey canvas I found earlier today, lol, so I turned into a mostly monochromatic piece!

Here she is:

"Red Winged Fairy"

Now, I am starving and have spent too long on my computer today already, lol. I'm going to go eat, and then move over another shipment of stuff from our old apartment to our new home!!