February 18th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!

I've had an eventful day of answering email and trying to call places to get my address changed, etc. preparing for the big move!

I went to the bank to make a deposit and to change my address, but forgot to bring my wallet with me to prove my identity. I felt like an idiot - and it was some new girl working there who seemed really suspicious of me (like I was some random stranger trying to steal bank info or something, lol) and told them I didn't have any ID on me, etc. Rather than going back I just did it by phone =P

We have the cable guy coming to hook up the new cable, and the electricity ready, and some of my internet stuff switched over, and there's probably a million other people I need to call - I'd better make a list and check them all off one by one. Meh, I hate doing this kind of thing =P

Right now though, I'm going to paint! This Mardi Gras Masquerade painting I'm working on is going to be really cool.... I might even finish her in time to put her up on eBay tonight! We'll see....

You can watch me here!!!
Marie Masquerade


I'm not going to finish this piece in time to list it tonight =P I had too many distractions today - I spent hours on the phone trying to hook up my new utilities and get my various bills and subscriptions forwarded to my new address. How dull! I can't believe how much time today I spent "on hold" - arrrgghhh!

Ah well, I'll finish it early tomorrow and list tomorrow night.

Mostly tomorrow though, I'll need to be working on a private (off-camera) commission, so that will take most of the time before we start moving into our new home on Friday!

What a boring post......