February 14th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good Afternoon!!!

Awww! I woke up today to find kaokame had brought me flowers, a balloon, chocolates and a hand-made card for Valentine's Day >^_^< What a sweetheart!

We've just been hanging around today, just kind of relaxing and working. Matt got a HUGE shipment of prints sent out, and I've been attacking my email inbox all day, trying to get it under control enough for me to paint without any "loose ends" nibbling at my brain, lol.

It's kind of a dreary day out - drizzling, about 77 degrees though so we've got the windows open instead of the air conditioning. I love the fresh air, so whenever it's even close to being "room temperature" outside I just open the windows. Hopefully it won't rain hard enough to start coming in through the screens.

Last night (inspired by the crazy weasels on the commercials) we went to try some Quizno's submarine sandwiches, and they were really good! We of course got the veggie subs, toasted with lots of fresh mushrooms and tons of other stuff, even guacamole. I couldn't finish mine - they were really big!

I've got such a "computer headache" right now - too much text burned into my retina, lol. I'm going to probably fix some food and then get some painting done shortly! I'll post here with the webcam link when I begin! I'll start a new original painting today - not quite sure which one it will be, I've got several ideas which I've been writing down into a little book - I'll just pick one =) I also have some sketches to do for a commission (which is going to be "off-camera" since it is a portrait for a client) and some finishing touches to do on another commission, but I'll probably wait until I get one or two originals up before that. Okay - I'm hungry!
Marie Masquerade


Matt and I went out for a wonderful lunch, and then on for a loooong walk in the woods and around the lakes, etc. I had a very nice time =)

Now I'm going to do some painting! Not sure what I'll be working on, I'll just jump right in and begin!

You can watch me here!