February 12th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good afternoon!!!!!

Kind of a dull day so far, lol - I've been kind of glued to my emailbox, processing orders, etc. I've gotten it down to under 100 emails, which is a cause for celebration! Yay! The rest of them I'll get to later (thank you for your patience!!), because I want to PAINT now!!!!!! I'm working on a BIG painting (20"x16") of a Fairy Dwelling - a little pieced-together home in the underbrush. I've decided to include some "human debris" (not just sticks and leaves) in the makings of the little house - like maybe bits of paper or ribbon, shiny things faeries might like (like bottle caps or broken glass), etc. It should be very cute!

I'm waiting for an important phone call, and it's driving me nuts..... I keep checking the answering machine, just in case I missed it somehow.... I'm antsy!

But... in the meantime, you can watch me paint here!
Marie Masquerade


I just went downstairs to grab a soda at the grocery store, and it is 83 degrees and sunny, and that swimming pool looks sooooo gooooood right now.

But, I'm forcing myself to paint, hehe. I don't really like going swimming by myself anyways. But it just really looked inviting on a hot day like this!!