February 10th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Checking in....

A pretty boring day today - I got up early, and I've been answering email, etc. Making and packaging prints too - I had SO MANY to send out that were purchased while I was on vacation. Matt stayed up making them late into the night and then I still had quite a bit to do myself today, and a HUGE post office line on top of that - I was there waiting for a looooong time, and the guy behind me kept looking at his watch and SIGHing loudly when I was mailing everything out.

My sister Kachina's little guinea pig died, and that makes me very sad. She had him for 8 years and his name was Phoenix, and he looked like a baby buffalo. =(

It's hot outside today, low 80s, but it's kind of gloomy looking and overcast. The walk to the post office was strangely deserted, and it felt kind of melancholy.

I'll hopefully get some painting in tonight! I'm going to work on wobblesnorts's commission when I get all set up and ready!
Marie Masquerade

Fairy Dwellings....

Oh yes!!! I forgot to say! The other piece I'll be working on will be a "Fairy Dwelling" painting. While I was peering into holes and hollow trees and stuff in the Everglades, my dad suggested I should do a series showing "Fairy Dwellings" (little places where faeries might live!). I thought that sounded like a cool idea =)
Marie Masquerade

One of the reasons I believe in Faeries.....

....is because one day I found PROOF!

This is 100% true, and Matt will vouch for me.

At our last home I had a Toad House (kind of like an upside-down flower pot type thing, with a tiny doorway and chimney - frogs and toads take shelter in their shade) by my back door. Every day I would go look for toads and frogs. One day, the leaves and dirt were all moved around in front of it, which made me think maybe it had a visitor. I looked inside, and instead of a frog there was a tiny, tiny little shoe!! A strange little green rubbery boot. Too small to even fit a Barbie Doll. I can only assume it belonged to some sort of faery-folk.
Marie Masquerade

Some icons for Erin and Jillianne!

Erin!!! Here is your Moon Maiden icon:

Jillianne!!! Here is an icon for your portrait:

All you need to make it your icon on LiveJournal are the following steps:

*Go to www.livejournal.com (make sure that you are logged in!!!)
*At the top of the LiveJournal homepage go to "Manage" and click on "User Pictures"
*Scroll down to "Upload a New Picture"
*Mark the circle that says "From URL" and copy and paste the URL http://www.strangeling.com/erinmoonmaidenanim.gif (for Erin) or http://www.strangeling.com/jillianneanim.gif (for you Jillianne) into that field
*Click "Proceed"
*On that page it will show your icon. If you don't mind, please put copyright Jasmine Becket-Griffith where it says "Keywords" next to the icon and then click the button that says "Save Settings"


For the rest of you all -don't worry - I'll be making tons of icons to put up for grabs sometime in the next couple of days!!!