February 9th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

I'm back!!!

Oh my - I had a WONDERFUL trip!!!!!

It's kind of a long post, so just click below the cut to read!Collapse )

Now of course, I'm filled with new ideas for paintings (I always get very inspired on my vacations!!!!)!!!! I want to make some brand new pieces to put up on eBay, and have some more commissions to work on (probably after I get some originals done - I'll be working on everything off and on). I took a lot of reference photos in the various parks I went to, and I might use some of them for paintings. I might even start on a painting based on a photo of my friend Delphine!! It probably won't look exactly like her, just modeled after her features. I'm trying to expand more with what types of faces I'm painting, etc. etc. etc. We'll see!

At any rate - you can watch me here!!!