January 8th, 2004

Marie Masquerade

Good afternoon!

Ah, I'm feeling much better today. I eventually got too sickly to paint last night so I just crawled over to the couch =P

I've gotten everything off to the Post Office today - it had an uncharacteristically long line, which was really annoying.
I really shouldn't go there at lunch time (all the customers squeeze in on their lunch break, AND the workers are usually taking THEIR lunch breaks, so it's a bad combination!), lol.

I'm going to eat a little lunch, and I'll be back to painting in a short while when I'm through. I'm working on a big 20"x16" piece with lots of types of fae/goblin/nymph type creatures. I can tell it's going to be terribly detailed, so I probably won't finish tonight....

I need to get more work done on my website too, and FINALLY update my Elfwood gallery!

Okay, off to eat =)

Oh yes - Dick Blick has some insanely cheap canvas panels here (I don't use panels myself very often, but for those of you who do - these are cheap!!!!!!)
Marie Masquerade

Coming along nicely!

Ahhh - I'm loving this painting already! I'll probably get it finished in time to list tomorrow night.

Tonight though, I need to get some files burned and ready to send out to certain places. That, and play some Dark Age of Camelot.

I'll be painting for the better part of tomorrow though - I'm very excited about this new piece.....