November 26th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Getting ready to paint!

Ah, getting ready to paint after a long morning of email, bookkeeping, etc. Blah!

I'm currently working on a big commissioned painting (the blue and peach one on my webcam right now). I'm doing a "fancy" sky, which means that I am using a clear acrylic blending medium to help the colours flow together easier (I use this whenever I want an extra delicate fluffy-cloud sky). It takes FOREVER to dry all the way (well, a few hours at least, lol - not long at all compared to oil paintings!). So after I finish up the sky I'll probably start a new painting while that one dries. Maybe another self-portrait style piece (I took a bunch of webcam photos the other day for references!). We'll see!

Off to paint! You can watch me here!
Marie Masquerade


We just did some last minute Thanksgiving shopping - wow - the grocery store was crowwwwded!!!! I think we have everything we need now =)

I'm getting ready to do some Tae Bo right now, and after that I'll be re-listing "What Mischief She Makes" and listing a new Mermaid painting too! Then dinner, and then probably some more painting. I got some more work done today on a commission, and I started on a new faerie (and she's nekkid! Kinda.).

Man, I am so hungry - we bought a TON of food at the health food store yesterday, and then more stuff today. It all looks so good. Hehe, I'd better go do my Tae Bo now, because tomorrow I'm going to be stuffed =P