October 18th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Garden Cafe!!!

Lol - kenderdrache and sunkachina - you guys should check this out - we're going to drag you to this restaurant when you visit! EVERYTHING in the restaurant is 100% vegetarian (even the eel and abalone are fake meat, lol!). Any other vegetarians out there should check this menu out and feel jealous! I swear, the Vegetarian Sweet & Sour "Pork" is worth moving here alone!!!!

Here's the Garden Cafe menu - I scanned it in ;) Big pictures - please wait to load!
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I've LOVED everything I've tried so far! The Combination Lo Mein had fake shrimp in it though, which tasted like real shrimp (even when I was a little girl and ate meat I didn't like seafood) so I picked it out. Too fishy, even though it's 100% vegetarian.
Marie Masquerade

Good afternoon!

I'm looking at a gorgeous bevelled arch-shaped piece of basswood panel (you can probably see it sitting in front of my webcam), and trying to decide what to paint on it! I should have bought more of them, because I keep thinking of things that would be neat, and then I think of another idea....

I'd like to paint on a vaguely architectural detail about the edges, to justify the arch-shaped (kind of like a medieval type of panel painting). Hmmmm.... I scanned the panel into photoshop first to work on a little layout. I'll update when I actually begin painting, lol!