October 15th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Good afternoon!

I got a lot of stuff done today, email stuff, computer stuff, boring stuff. Now I'm going to do some painting - you can see my webcam here. When Matt gets home though, we're going to go to Michael's so I can stock up on some art supplies! I'm running out of paint (well, I'm down to a measly 150 tubes or something, lol, but I'm running out of specific colours!), and my brushes are in woeful condition. I'm nearly OUT of smaller canvas sizes too! I might hunt around at Michael's for some interesting new ideas for paintings - I remember when I painted this on the little piece of wood, and that was so much fun! I'm thinking about maybe getting more of those, or maybe some cute little wooden boxes or something to paint on! If I do anything too elaborate or expensive I can always stick it in eBay store I suppose. The only bad thing about stuff like that is I can't really offer prints of them, I guess.

Matt & I also are going to go to Office Max and stock up on shipping supplies. I am OUT of mailing tubes, which are absolutely a MUST around here! We bought a ton of them like last week, and I'm already out.

OK - gonna paint!
Marie Masquerade

A nice evening =)

I had a wonderful evening!!!! I bought TONS of new supplies, I went nuts grabbing lots of new brushes - they have these new Golden Taklon (a synthetic fiber) brushes that have a 100% plastic handle with a rubber grip. I HATE brushes with painted wooden handles - the paint always flakes off the first time I use them, and it gets all over. These new brushes are cool - I got a couple in every size. I got tons of new paints, some new colours I've never had before, and some pads of canvas as well. Office Max was OUT of my usual mailing tubes, unfortunately. Argh!!! We got some oversized big tubes instead =P I need to start ordering them wholesale, so I could buy like 500 of them and not have to worry about running out every day.

Matt's getting some prints ready to go out tomorrow (that's what you see in my webcam right now, lol). We ate at the Garden Cafe tonight - we love that place!!!!! It's a 100% vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Orlando - it's one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. They have over 100 entrees - and they are all vegetarian! They use meat substitutes for everything - we had Vegetarian Sweet & Sour Pork and Vegetarian Kung Pao Chicken! It's soooo good - hard to believe it's meatless! We've gone there lots of times already, and we keep going back. kenderdrache - I scanned in the menu and I'll upload it asap for you to see - it's too cool!

Tomorrow will be a painting day - probably all day long!!!!