October 4th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Good morning!

This weekend is the Celebration Arts&Crafts Fair! Apparently different (more crafty) than the Celebration Art Fair (which is in the spring). After we get some things off to the Post Office we'll go walk around and check out the booths. Next year I'd like to maybe get a booth in the Celebration Art Fair, and maybe the Craft Fair too (I'll see if there is much artsy type stuff, or if it's all crafts) - that would be fun =)

Matt goes in to work this afternoon, and I'll be painting all this afternoon/evening! Actually, while Matt gets everything packed up, I'm going to paint for awhile now - you can watch me here! I'm working on a huge piece with all sorts of butterfly wings, with a butterfly-winged faerie in the middle. I'll probably finish her today, and get on to some more pieces tonight =)
Marie Masquerade

A Wonderful Time!

Matt and I had a wonderful time at the Celebration Arts & Crafts fair! It was all over downtown Celebration, directly in front of our apartment even. As soon as we were downstairs we were in the midst of it! Sometimes I can't get over what a cool place I have here =)

For you KC folks, I would liken it to the Plaza Art Fair. The Celebration one was honestly about half as big as the KC one, which is crazy considering how much smaller a town we have here - it was packed! All of our restaurants here had booths, we got some cookies from Barnies =)

I was expecting a typical kitschy-country-craftsy kinda thing, but no! Well, maybe a couple of booths, hehe. The rest of it was really cool! Lots of new age/hippie/craftsman type stuff, very nice. I bought a GORGEOUS dress - maybe I'll take a photo of it. It is kind of broomstick-skirty, but all shades of green, with tie-dye and a medieval style bodice front. It has an exaggerated pixie-hem, and it is just so Faery! I had to get it =) We also bought a TON of hand-dipped incense that smells so good - I've got some burning right now.

I am DEFINITELY going to get a booth next year - there were tons of artists, and even some fantasy art. There were some really cool big hand-carved Tiki gods that I liked too....

Lots of Celebration residents had booths, which I liked. It always kinda pissed me off back in KC how the Plaza Art Fair was 99% imported artists from California or New York, lol.

Alas, Matt had to go to work, so we didn't have too much time. It was a lot of fun though =) Now I'm going to paint! I'm going to hold off listing any of my paintings until tomorrow evening, so I can list a batch at once! You can watch me here! You can listen to what I'm listening to (Strangeling Radio!) here!.