September 18th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

How neat!

I just read on PETA's website that Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney) is a vegetarian. How cool is that? He was instrumental in developing the numerous vegetarian offerings throughout Disney World. Hehe, now I feel better about giving him my rent every month ;)
Marie Masquerade

Some new paintings!

I've got a couple of new paintings finished!

"Faerie and a Tree Frog

"Silvery Moth Faerie"

Yum - we have Italian Olive bread baking in the kitchen and it smells so good!

Oh yes - this would help my cousin-in-law Jillianne out a lot - does ANYBODY know where to buy (probably online) Disney movies that have been dubbed into either Arabic or Russian???? PLEASE let me know if anybody has any links!!!!
Marie Masquerade

Oh dear....

There is an incredibly low budget movie on Showtime Beyond and it is terrible! It's Vampirella, and it is starring Roger Daltrey of all people. They are all wearing what looks like cheesy Halloween costumes that were on clearance at Big Lots or something.... My gosh, this is terrible....