September 9th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Teaching Matty....

Bah, I've got the sniffles/headache/fever/sorethroat thing that everybody else seems to have =P I spent most of the day valiantly printing prints and packaging things up, shipping them, etc. I've been teaching Matt how I do all this stuff, so that sometimes he can do it for me (so I won't waste valuable painting time!). Other than that, I've just been pretty much out of it today. I'm sure I'll feel better soon, probably by tomorrow I hope. If you've emailed me recently or responded to my LJ stuff I apologize for the delay, I'm just catching up on some rest. I want to be all better for my trip to Kansas City on Friday.

Just thought I'd update everybody! Sorry, no painting today =( Check back with me tomorrow ;)
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