August 29th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Jasmine Radio?


I always listen to music while I paint. I was thinking about starting an internet radio station - for anybody to listen to - that played the music I listen to! It would be free for all to listen, and just fun for me (it's cheap) - maybe I'd even DJ live sometimes ;)
I was thinking about setting up at - it's free and easy to listen to stuff, you just need to register, nothing fancy. I listen to a WIDE variety of music and I'd like to share it with people who know me, or like my art, who want something to paint to, etc. It would be mostly rock music: oldies, classic rock, alternative, folk, indie, goth, industrial, etc. Lots of Beatles, Tori Amos, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, Robyn Hitchcock, Loreena McKennitt, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, etc. etc. etc. Maybe I'd even welcome requests or suggestions ;) For those of you concerned about Recording Artists' Rights, no worries - this is music I own (the overwhelming majority of it at least)!

So I thought I'd take a little poll - if I had a little internet radio station, would anybody listen? If you are NOT a LiveJournal member (and can't vote in the poll) just comment anonymously on this post, so I know you're out there ;)

Poll #173948 Would You Listen if Jasmine had an Internet Radio Station?

So, if I had an internet radio station - would you like to listen?

Yes! I would listen frequently!
Yes, I would check in occasionally.
Maybe, I don't know if I would or not.
No, I don't have time for that.
No, I don't really dig that sort of music.
Marie Masquerade


Working on my website today! It looks like my domain name transferred to my new hosting ok, and everything is in line. I might get done today (or by the end of this weekend at least....).

Looks like a lot of people might want to listen to my radio station! I'll most likely try that out then - it sounds like fun. I'll update as that project progresses!

Back to work =)
Marie Masquerade

Boring day....again.....

Tons and tons of work on my website today - just sitting glued to the computer, doing extremely repetetive things over and over again =P Nothing has actually been published online yet, it's just festering here on my hard drive.

On the up side though, I should be through with all of this stuff possibly tomorrow! I'm adding a whopping THIRTY new prints onto my website, so it's going to be much bigger. I'm also working on adding some free desktop wallpaper (based on my artwork) too, for people to download (I've been getting tons of requests for that sort of thing!).

Now I am tired, and Matt just got home so I'm going to take the rest of the evening off. Well, seeing as it's five minutes until midnight, that's probably not much of an evening =P

Maybe if I finish early tomorrow I'll get some actual PAINTING in!