August 22nd, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Busy times...

Yesterday we went to the Magic Kingdom, the Boardwalk, Downtown Disney (I bought some of the wonderful incense they sell at the House of Blues), and then came back home. I made cheese enchiladas - I'm still full, like 20 hours later, lol, and I just had 1 and a half of them (very filling!).

This afternoon we dropped James off at the airport so he could fly back home to sunkachina in KC. I got a bunch of packages shipped off and started to go to the bank (but the line was too long from all the it's-Friday-and-I-just-got-my-paycheck folks, so I'm just going to go there tomorrow). I have a million emails to catch up with (well, maybe like a hundred really), but I'd like to get some painting in still tonight. I'll post my webcam link when I get started!

I miss Matt =( He just went off to work, and he's feeling very sad today since his Grandma just had a stroke =( I wish he was here so I could make him some tea and hug him.
Marie Masquerade

Nice rain!

There is such a lovely rainstorm outside right now.... I'm going to open the window! One of our windows has roof over it (it opens out over a walkway) so it won't "rain-in". I must say - this was my first full summer in Florida, and it sure has been mild! A few days of mid-nineties, but nothing intolerable. I'm used to the usual 105+ summers back in Kansas City, lol. I like these nice summer days with highs in the 80s - that's just perfect for summer, I think. It's funny, people kept warning me - "Florida summers are so hot and humid..." and I'd tell them, "Well, KC was pretty hot and humid..." and they'd roll their eyes. Lol - whatever!

I'm not sure if I will get much painting in tonight - Matt just came home from work early, and I might spend some time with him (since he's gotta work all weekend). If I do start up, I'll post here!