August 18th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

A nice day...

We went and picked up James at the airport! It was great to see him! We came back and ate at the Market Street Cafe. Now he and Matt are off at Epcot, while I stay home and work on some commissions. Since I'll be painting private commissions mostly today, the webcam will be pointed at my kitties, lol.

I'm still working on getting my photos uploaded - my camera ran out of batteries halfway through the process yesterday, so I need to find some more so I can continue.

OK - off to paint! If I get to any original pieces later today, I'll post a link and move my cam. I won't probably have any "off-time" living room shots for the next few days though, since James will be staying with us and sleeping on the couch and stuff, hehe.
Marie Masquerade


The owner of the Dragon's Gallery (the place that was auctioning my "Greta" painting) went ahead (since I expressed interest) and offered her directly to me, along with my "Beneath the Leaves" painting =) I'm so happy - they were two of my favourites! I'm happy =) I'm sending them some new pieces too, which is always exciting. =)