August 17th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

On Safari!

Well, not quite. But I'm heading out to the swamps to take some photos. (Like, two blocks away, lol). I'll probably post some here online to show you all the area I live in, and I will most likely be using some of them for painting references (or at least inspiration!).
Marie Masquerade

Stopped in for a drink...

Photo-taking is going splendidly! I didn't see any baby alligators this time =( I did see literally hundreds of lizards (I was standing in one spot, next to the grocery store, and I counted fifteen on one wall) and frogs/toads. Lots of turtles and fish and dragonflies too - but being either too fast or underwater I'm afraid they might turn out blurry....

I just stopped for a moment to get a drink, and now I'm off to snap more photos!
Marie Masquerade


I just snapped about 250 photos, lol. The vast majority were within three blocks of my home. I must have looked like quite the tourist ;) A few are of the buildings and restaurants, a couple of houses, but mostly swamp and plant photos. They are all uploading now - I'll post some of them here later! Possibly tonight - we'll see. Matt comes home soon, so we might play some Dark Age of Camelot and have dinner (before midnight - wow!) and stuff.

thedonkdonk is coming tomorrow! AKA James, my brother-in-law (my sister sunkachina's husband). He's making up for all of the times Kachina got to come visit us while he had to work, hehe. He and Matt are very good friends so they'll be off causing one sort of mischief or another this week. I'll mostly be painting here at home so they can do their male-bonding things (well, like getting drunk and riding roller coasters, or something like that). I took so many beautiful photos today - I'm sure they will spawn many paintings. I found an ancient-partially-hollow-moss-&-fern-covered tree that had a beautiful mushroom growing in it - I hope it turned out! I want to paint it as a little faery hideaway =) I cannot believe the amount of Spanish Moss growing in this town! It's insane - I see piles of it just lying in heaps on the ground. Luckily it's one of my favourite plants =)