August 12th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

White Oleander....

I finished my Poison Fairy #10 =) I had received so many emails about my Poison Fairy series (an older series of small acrylic paintings featuring poisonous plants and their fairy protectors - some of you might not remember them - Collapse ) )

The new piece is called White Oleander and can be found here on eBay:

I've begun work on Poison Fairy #11: Castor Bean =) I keep getting flashbacks to when I lived in Kansas City and painted my old Poison Fairies... It's weird...

I'm going to play some Dark Age of Camelot now! Since Matt works tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then he'll be off cavorting with thedonkdonk (my sister's husband and Matt's good friend, hehe!) while he's in Florida next Monday-Friday, and then he works the whole weekend straight through, I'll be getting an insane amount of both painting and website-updating soon! I will post my webcam link as soon as I begin painting again tomorrow =)