July 30th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


The moderators published my changes at Elfwood! I've added so many new pieces! I hadn't updated in almost a year (gasp!), so a lot has changed!

Here it is - fellow Elfwood members are welcome to make comments there (sorry to everybody else, but I had to turn on the anonymous comment filter):


Let me see.... yesterday I did some boring computer stuff, some commissioned sketches, nothing too interesting. Matt didn't work, so I had fun with him and took a very long walk around Celebration with our new giant umbrella (it never rained, but it threatened to the whole time....).

Today we have to go to Downtown Disney to get Matt's new Castmember ID, and run some other errands. I will be painting tonight though - and all day tomorrow. I leave on Friday morning to go back to Kansas City for Annie's wedding (but I'll be back on Monday - just a quick visit). Matt has to work though, so he'll be here, probably posting about how he misses me =( We are not separated very often. After we dated a few weeks, I think I've seen him every single day for the last six-and-a-half years. =(

OK - gotta go - I'll post my webcam link when I begin painting tonight! I've got a zillion new paintings in my head that can't wait to get out on canvas....
Marie Masquerade


Busy day - lots of errands. Bought gifts for my mother's birthday party on Sunday, and for Annie's wedding on Saturday. It's weird to think I'll be in KC again on Friday - I feel like I still live there almost...

I'm painting! Here's my webcam
Marie Masquerade

Oh yes...

I just realized a few minutes ago that this would be my last chance to dye my hair before I leave for Kansas City, hehe. I just stuck it on now, so I've got about 20 minutes for it to cure. Again, I do this right after getting a severe sunburn on my scalp, ugh. I need to buy some of that stuff to spray on my hair before I go outside!

In the meantime, I'm getting my prints and stuff ready to send to DragonCon. And some bookkeeping to get a million things ready for the Post Office tomorrow!