July 25th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Oh my....

I finally updated my Elfwood gallery =) It's full now - 50 paintings. I removed some older pieces, and added tons of new ones. I *plan* to add new pieces from time to time, trading them out. I'm crossing my fingers for a "moderator's choice" again! I did switch my filter to "fellow artist comments only" after the insane rash of (jealous?) hate mail and comments I received from anonymous posters last time! Of course, seeing how my pending update ticket is currently #2852 (I'm serious) in the update queue, it could take a little while before the new gallery is published. I'll post when it is up and ready!

I talked to my dad tonight - he and Robin are going to be in Las Vegas most of the time during my visit to Kansas City a week from tomorrow (hehe, it's like I never moved - I visit there, have visitors here, almost non-stop!). I'll just be gone over the weekend though (just me - Matt has to work) so I can go to novemberhour and callandor's wedding on Saturday the 2nd, and then my mom's birthday on the 3rd.

Tonight I worked on a couple of new paintings! A new one, featuring a stormy pirate-y mermaid scene, and another swampy scene - probably some faerie lives there. Both are mere backgrounds now, I'll have to finish working on them tomorrow. I will have to get to all my emails tomorrow too - it's getting late! I always forget how long it takes me to do all of that Elfwood stuff...
Marie Masquerade

Good morning~

(good, I got to say that before it turned into afternoon)! I was up pretty late last night (doing all manner of boring stuff), so I didn't wake up until a couple of hours ago.

I'm going to have a little bit of lunch and then I'll get to painting! I've finished a pretty green swamp scene - just the background so far, and I almost don't want to put a person in it - it looks so nice as a landscape, hehe! I'll be painting a little bit later - the link to my webcam is here!