July 9th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


Busy day - after arriving back here in Florida, we went to Epcot, and had dinner at Chefs de France. Very nice - a couple of excellent vegetarian selections as well =) We then resort-hopped on the monorail and played around at the arcade in the basement of the Contemporary hotel. We then hit the grocery store at about 10:30pm and got some breakfasty things for Kachina and Matt, and then came home and watched some "Mr. Show with Bob & David" episodes while I painted. I've finished my latest piece! I've decided to call it "A Little Night Music" (like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), hehe. It's a lovely girl lounging in a gothic Victorian setting with a night sky through the window, and an old Victrola cranking out tunes =) I'll see if I can get her up on eBay tomorrow or the next day...

I'll be at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow! I'll probably sneak in some painting tomorrow night... that's just how I am ;) My "Chosen One" painting ended (along with some others) tonight on eBay - I'm glad that it went for a decent price - sometimes I get disgruntled when I try something new and it isn't as well-received. So, yay!
Marie Masquerade

Getting ready to go....

Off we go to the Magic Kingdom!

I have a pending auction that will start at 7:45 PM Central Time tonight for "A Little Night Music", starting at one penny with no reserve. It will probably list while we're still out, so I'll post a link when I get back tonight. Those of you who want to get in on the early bidding can just check my seller's list =)