June 30th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

If I were moving to New Orleans...

I'd buy this place: http://www.annerice.com/ano_stelizabeths.htm

Anne Rice is selling one of her Garden District houses. Not her main one, one of her "extra" ones, lol. It's 47,000 square feet. Not 4,700 - 47,000 - one of the largest private residences in the country. And it's furnished. It even has its own chapel.

Of course, it would be a second home for me (since I'd want my primary residence here in Celebration).

Not to mention, it's 6.5 Million dollars US. =P
Marie Masquerade


I'm loving my staircase painting so far! It's very detailed, and I've been sidetracked since Matty came home ;) So I'll have to finish up tomorrow after a momentous visit to the Post Office - I've got nearly 30 prints and paintings to mail - it's not a record, but pretty close (considering I visited the Post Office yesterday and shipped about a dozen items). Eek! I looked in Quicken today, I've spent something like $2000+ just on postage so far this year.... my god.....