June 29th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


I'm in the middle of dyeing my hair now. Nothing interesting - just the usual touching up of blonde roots with Feria's "Starry Night", lol. One of the fingers of my plastic gloves must have had a hole in it, since one of my fingertips is a dark blue now, and it won't go away. After I finish all of this gunk up, I'll be back to painting =)
Marie Masquerade


I seriously need to update my website with new prints - I've got literally dozens of new ones to add! When I get back from KC, I'll definitely do that. After Kachina leaves, probably, so I won't be too boring, lol.

I'm getting ready to work on a new piece - a dark, kind of gothic feeling grand entry hall, with a big staircase. I've been sitting on my couch sketching for the past hour or so, and I've got just the bare bones of it - I'm not crazy about drawing architectural type stuff (I like more organic lines rather than straight ones) so this is pretty ambitious for me, lol. I'm lossely basing the staircase after the one in the Titanic (I found a bunch of photos online of the "Grand Staircase) and a couple of other Victorian style staircases from some fancy homes. I'm making it a double wide without a handrail in the middle - I might make up a scene where somebody has fallen, or something like that - I haven't decided yet =P I'm almost done sketching, so I'll head over to the art desk and begin painting asap! You can watch my progress here!
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Marie Masquerade


Jesus Christ that was the loudest thunderclap I have ever heard. I yelled, it startled me so much!
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