June 26th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


I'm beat =P

We had an awesome day today hanging out with foxmagic! He took us to the Millenia Mall (no, I didn't mis-spell it - it's only got one "n" in it, lol), which is one of the most gorgeous, incredibly upscale malls I've ever been too! For you KC folks - it's kinda like if you encased all of the stores at the Plaza, threw in some Louis Vuitton and Fendi type designer stores and a few regular mall stores, and then put it all inside a gorgeous crystal-conservatory type thing. Very fancy. A lot of good restaurants too - P.F.Chang's, California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory, etc. We went to the Mac store there and Brian bought an ISight webcam which is very cool. We ran into cornrelish's mom at the Mac store and talked about computer stuff. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory which was delicious as usual - I'm happy we've found one down here in Florida - we loved going there back in KC. After that we went to Toys'R'Us, played around there for awhile, and then went to CompUSA (I love that store) and I drooled over the Epson 2200 which is my next future purchase (archival prints to 80 years plus! Can't beat that!). I'm planning on getting one in the next few months - we'll see. First I should probably focus on getting oh, say, a bed or some other furniture to fill up my bare new home, lol.

We went back to Brian's and had a great time playing with his new ISight, chatting with his friends across the country, etc. We watched some Cowboy Bebop (a good anime show), played Disney Trivia (I won!!!), and had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday again Amber!!! I hope you had fun!!!! I'd call you, but it's probably a little late for that, hehe.

I'm going to catch up on everyone's LJ and emails tomorrow - I'm pretty tired. Tomorrow (and the next several days) will be Painting Days for me, so you'll get to see some webcam action very soon. G'night all!
Marie Masquerade

Good morning...er...afternoon.....

I've got a few things (businessy stuff) to get done still today, but I should be painting later this afternoon through late tonight! I've got a few million new ideas to start on, I've just got to figure out which to do first, lol. I'll update here with my webcam link once I get started!
Marie Masquerade

Preparing to Paint!

I'm getting ready to paint =)

Not sure what I'll be doing first - I might just start painting and see what shows up. I've got a few specific pieces I'll be working on, but I'm not sure in what order. I'll probably start my dragonfly painting in the next day or two. There's a little bit of a story behind it - basically a fan of mine wanted me to design a tattoo of a dragonfly for her, but she didn't have the budget for a commission, so I let her tell me what she'd like the dragonfly to look like and I promised to include at least one dragonfly in a new painting of mine. I'm going to auction the finished piece, but I'll give her a scan of the dragonfly part for her to use for the tattoo =) It's amazing - I've had over a dozen people in the past month or so get tattoos of my artwork (that I know of!). It's an amazing compliment to me as an artist!

I might do some more bio-mechanical type pieces - I've been discussing such things with the wonderful David Gough mercury_realm. He's a great fantasy artist (he's going to put up some work on eBay soon, so keep an eye out for it!) who paints gorgeous mermaids, biomorphic dark fantasy, etc. I did a lot of "Giger-esque" artwork when I was in school - I think I might look through some of my old sketchbooks and see if I find any new (old?)inspiration from them.... Which reminds me - before I moved I was going to post some of my old artwork (well, from middle school or high school)here on LJ! I'll look through some boxes and see what I can find....

But for now I'm going to start painting! I might be on and off, but you can watch me work on my webcam =)