June 25th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Busy day...

Matt had today off, so today was Errands Day. We went everywhere - purchasing an inordinate amount of mundane items. Blah. We came home pretty late from SuperTarget, cooked dinner, watched the last half of the TV-edited version "Manhunter" on cable, and then I sorted through a ton of email. Fun!

We tried calling Kachina and James (James is now thedonkdonk - welcome to LJ James!) but nobody was home. We thought they might be at Amber's house (kenderdrache - I love how my whole family is jumping on the LJ bandwagon!!!!), but I can't find her new phone number =P. Hey Amber - Happy Birthday! I know it's not the 25th yet where you are, but here in the Eastern Time Zone you are 22 now!

Tomorrow we're taking a day off from work and will be hanging out with foxmagic - yay!! It will be nice to take a little time off. After tomorrow though, I'm going to work straight through until we leave for KC for the Fourth of July visit. Ok - I think I might go to bed now =)