June 23rd, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Busy working....

Ok, so far today all I've done is work online, lol.

BUT - I've updated my EBSQ gallery!!! Visit here: http://strangeling.ebsqart.com and click on the top tab that says "portfolio" to see all my new additions, details, etc. =)

I also updated my Epilogue gallery!!! Visit it here: http://strangeling.epilogue.net

Someday (probably after I get back from the fourth of July) I'll even update my Elfwood gallery :::wheeee:::

Whew - that took forever, lol. Tonight I'm going to be working on commissioned pieces, so you all can't watch me paint up close (sorry - customer privacy!). Sorry =(

I'll also try to tackle some of the ever growing mound of email (yikes!).