June 22nd, 2003

Marie Masquerade


Yesterday I finished another New Orleans cemetery inspired piece =- I think I'm calling it "The Haunted Tomb". I'll post pics later - it features an above ground tomb (based on one in Lafayette cemetery in the Garden District - taken from one of my vacation photos). It is one of the "empty" tombs - it once held two bodies, but both of the mausoleum fronts are missing, which is pretty darned creepy - just two black holes... Click below to see the photo of the real tomb - Collapse )

In my painting though, I have a ghost-girl instead of Matt ;)

The other piece I finished is called "Absinthe Afternoon". Sort of a take-off of Degas' "The Absinthe Drinkers". Well, kinda. A cute girl with a glass of absinthe at least. She's sitting next to an enormous window with showing an absinthe coloured sky outdoors, and her eyes are absinthe coloured. I like the piece a lot - it has something Edward Gorey-ish about it (not in style at all, being a full colour acrylic painting - there's just something about it...).

I also worked on some commissions (I got a lot done yesterday!). Today I am going to paint some more in just a few minutes (click here for the webcam!). I'll probably paint most of the day (Matt's at work of course) and then tonight I will scan in this weekend's work and post it on eBay! I'll post links here too of course =)
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