June 20th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Yep, Morgan Le Fay

Here she is: "Morgan Le Fay and the Standing Stones" - my latest 16"x20" acrylic painting - click below to see her!

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She'll be up on eBay tomorrow night - starting at one penny ;)
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Marie Masquerade

Painting =)

Ah.... the weekend.... where Matt is gone at work everyday and I too must work everyday, all day...

I've never had "weekends" really. Starting when I was a kid working at Dairy Queen, I've pretty much worked every weekend since then, lol. The days off I've had have generally been weekdays, and those were school days. Now of course that I'm self employed, I just work all the time, lol. At least I've got a job I like ;)

Enough reminiscing =)

Morgan Le Fay is going up on eBay at 7:45 PM Central Time tonight - starting at a penny =) I'll post a link when it starts!

I've been looking through photos from our last vacation to New Orleans. I'm going to paint something New Orleans-inspired, probably some scene based on Lafayette Cemetery. I've started painting - you can watch me here: my webcam

I'd really like to go to New Orleans again soon! I'll probably plan on going there for our next vacation. Excepting of course our trip to Kansas City for the Fourth of July, and my trip to Kansas City the first week of August (and probably many subsequent trips back to KC, lol). I love New Orleans - I like wandering through the gorgeous homes of the Garden District, riding on the streetcar, eating at incredible restaurants, lovely clothes, museums, music, shopping, swamps, cemeteries, plantations, alcohol, the Zoo, the Aquarium, etc. etc. etc.

OK now, back to painting....