June 15th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


I just called my dad and (both having webcams) we had a video conference, lol! I love technology =)

I'm going to be working on my underwater piece today - it's huge! By my standards at least, lol. It's 24"x18"!

It basically features a mermaid (though you can really see her tail, so she might be a sea nymph or something) near a shipwreck. There is a rusting porthole (the part I'm working on now), and a skull will be peering eerily at the mermaid (who doesn't notice). I think it will turn out pretty well =)

I also need to work on a custom piece today. I have two other commissions I need to work on too! Sooooo many paintings =)

First though, I'm going to run next door to the corner grocery to grab some vegetarian sushi before they run out!