May 19th, 2003

Marie Masquerade

Happy Birthday Kachina!

It's Kachina's 23rd birthday today! Now starts the time of year when we're both the same age for a little while, hehe (we're less than a year apart). I'm going to try and call her later! Amber tells me that her presents arrived - yay!

So, early early this morning I finished "Hansel & Gretel find the Cottage"! I love how it turned out - I haven't painted a little boy for a long time (other than in commissioned realistic portraits), and wouldn't you know, he looks kinda like Matty =) I'll be posting it up on eBay tonight!

I was thinking about posting a custom painting commission opportunity on eBay (I used to do that all the time, but I haven't for over a year), but then I realized it might interfere with other commissions I've got lined up. Instead I'm going to be posting a "customized" painting! What I'll do is post an unfinished faerie-girl - not very much coloured in, wings blank, etc. and I'll let the highest bidder tell me how to finish her. I think it sounds like fun!!!