April 18th, 2003

Marie Masquerade


I've been waking up incredibly early and well rested! This is very nice - I feel a lot more productive.

I've been bombarded with requests for larger paintings lately! With my spacious new apartment I think I will definitely start doing some larger pieces. I'm planning on doing some more Fairy Tale pieces (in the same series of my "Snow White and the Apple" painting). There are so many good fairy tales I'd like to paint - I'm going to look through my Grimm's Fairy Tales book and pick some!

First though today I need to hit the post office and the bank and the grocery store (I'm so happy I can walk to all three, they're all within two blocks). I have a lot of things to mail, to deposit, and I want to buy some kitty treats (I'm trying to fatten up my little Quan Yin, hehe).

After that though I will begin painting! I've also started the latest of my "Poison Fairy" series - featuring the notorious Psilocybin mushroom...

At the rate I'm going I might even have time to post my vacation photos and update my website (I'm on a roll!).
Marie Masquerade


I went to the post office, to the grocery store and to the Town Hall - it took just a few minutes! I'm going to save a lot of time on my errands living here.

The fellow who works at the post office is very nice - he was very knowledgeable about Celebration and about postal issues (compared to my last post office - argh!).

When I came back there was a maintenance/pest control man working in my apartment - apparently they come and do their pest control thing every third Friday. These apartments are incredibly fastidious on keeping everything nice!

Ok - I'm going to get some painting done =) I am working on a new Fairy Tale piece - "Red Riding Hood in the Forest". I painted a Little Red Riding Hood a few years ago, but I'm a better artist now and I'd like to paint a new one, hehe. This is going to be a larger piece (since I've gotten SO MANY emails asking for bigger paintings, and I finally have more room to work on them) - about 14"x18". The forest is going to be very scary and ominous looking, with gothic overtones. I've got it all laid out - hopefully I might finish her by tonight!
Marie Masquerade


Wow - you gotta love a town that pipes in Beatles instrumentals from cleverly hidden speakers throughout the downtown area =)
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Marie Masquerade


After a busy day of doing computer stuff I didn't get as much done on my "Red Riding Hood in the Forest" painting. So far I've got quite a bit of Forest, but not very much Riding Hood. I might work more on her tonight (or maybe since Matt will have the evening off we'll do something fun), otherwise I probably won't have her finished until tomorrow.

I read some fairy tales for awhile too! I want to paint a "Rumpelstiltskin" piece very soon - I love that story =) There are about 50 other fairy tales I'd like to do also, hehe.